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Little Acorns Nursery

Chinese new year

We have had a very busy week celebrating Chinese New Year. We made red envelopes with a gift inside to give to our friends. Yesterday we cooked some rice in a wok for snack time!
We have made a very big and very fierce dragon and took him for a dragon dance/walk around school to the beat of drums. He will bring us luck!
This morning we had a traditional chinese shadow puppet show, telling the story of Nian the monster and how Chinese New Year began.

 Spiders and bugs

This week the children have been fascinated by the creepy crawlies we have found out and around our outdoor play area. We found Shield bug eggs and are recording how many days they take to hatch. We found lots of caterpillars, spiders, millipedes, woodlouse and many more!

The children have looked at some similarities in the creatures we found, such as insects have 6 legs and arachnids are spiders and have 8.

Outside we found a huge Orb Weaver spider called Mr. Sunshine (named by the children) we saw him catch wasps in his web and even making his web bigger "to catch more wasps" the children say.

The children have been learning how to care for the creatures we find, being careful with them and freeing them shortly after catching and looking at them.

Here are some photos of what we have been doing.

'down in the forest' sessions' - Taking learning outdoors.

There is nothing that children can do inside that cannot be done outside, in their natural world.

Climb, balance, jump, land

Our little jolly and naughty pirates have been traversing their ship, climbing, walking the plank, jumping off and landing.

Challenging ourselves

Creating challenges for ourselves whilst also assessing risks and keeping ourselves safe.

how we play