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Little Acorns Nursery

Sunrise Sunset Club

About Us

The club is situated in the middle of school in its own space with a real home from home feel about it.

The purpose of our before and after school club is to provide the parents of All Saints Primary School with a safe, reliable and fun childcare option.

We have been providing high quality play based after school care for over 14 years. We offer flexible finishing times throughout the week to help our working families. We also provide a holiday club which is accessible to children from the wider community.

For your child, our aim is to provide a home from home environment where children feel safe and relaxed. We fully appreciate that children may be tired at the end of a long school day and may simply just want to 'chill out' during their time with us. Unlike our bustling holiday club programme, children are encouraged to choose the activities they wish to take part in and the emphasis is very much on supervised free play, giving children a chance to catch up with old friends or make new ones.

Food and Drinks

When your child arrives at the club we will provide them with a snack. The snacks on offer vary each evening including biscuits, toast and Nutella/ jam, cheese and crackers or crumpets accompanied by fruit or salad.  Drinking water will always be available. 

Collecting your child

We operate a strict and secure collection procedure and it is necessary therefore for a parent/guardian to sign all children out each day.  If for any reason you are not collecting on a particular evening, please ensure that you notify us about who is collecting your child. (A password will be arranged). For other people collecting your child for the first time they must bring appropriate photograph ID. Within our admission pack parents are asked to complete a consent form giving us details of who can collect their child.

Staffing and staff deployment

Out of School at All Saints staff work across our nursery and club which is great for both children and parents as it provides continuity of care. Our qualified staff have a lot of experience in providing play opportunities and activities for children of all ages making it a fun place to be. Staff deployment is about working together as part of a team to ensure children are kept safe and well supervised at all times.